New Character Posters for Loki and Odin

Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World released new character posters. For the first time, we have the great Odin (Anthony Hopkins), king of Asgard with his ravens. And again, we have Loki (Tom Hiddleston), adoptive brother of the mighty Thor. Check them below after the jump.

In this poster, Loki looks like he escaped as what the background intends to say. Broken glass of his prison cage with what appears to be a soldier lying on the ground. That Loki's look and attitude, that what made him the most-loved villain of today's movie world. If you can still recall the Loki poster that was released a couple of days ago, it's exactly the same with only the size of Loki's image and background are the only differences. 

Like what I have said above, this is the first character poster we ever had for Odin for this new Thor: The Dark World movie which is going to hit our local cinemas on October 30. Malekith , the enemy of Thor and Loki in this film also had his first posted unveiled about a week ago. There are other few posters that have been released by Marvel Studios featuring Thor and Jane Foster, and Thor and Loki. Check them out too.

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