MyPhone Confirms Specs and Features of Auga Vortex

The MyPhone Agua Iceberg has now a successor called MyPhone Agua Vortex. This is the second flagship Android smartphone of the Pinoy cellphone brand to be released under the Agua line of smartphones. All of the technical specifications and software features have been revealed through a series of photos released by MyPhone on their Facebook page. We are looking at a 5-inch Android Jelly Bean-powered smartphone, the specs and other offerings are really hard to refuse especially if we are looking for the best alternative smartphone for the current ones on the market such as Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones. Read on for more details about the Agua Vortex after the jump.

Below are the photos that were released by MyPhone on their official Facebook page, the photos feature what the Vortex can offer when it gets into your hand. In the smartphone race of big names in the industry like Samsung and Apple, not to mention other players such as HTC and LG, the successor always gets bigger and better than the current one. But for some reason, I really do not see major any enhancements on this new offering and most specs are the same as what we can find in the previous Agua. Vortex follows Iceberg under Agua line up and yes, most of the specs remain the same. Two of the best things that this Vortex offers are the multi-video and PopUp Browser. Multi-video display which are much more enjoyed on a bigger display. 5 inches is already big, I know, but what makes me think is why the screen size was trimmed from 5.7" of the Iceberg to 5" of Vortex's. Why not make it the same at least.

As per "official teaser photos",  The MyPhone Vortex will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The processor will be a 1.2GHz Quad-core MediaTek MT6589 paired with 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage space. Of course the 5-inch HD IPS dispay at 1280x720, 294ppi resolution. As you can see all of these are also found in the Iceberg. The Cameras were upgraded on this one, from 12MP to now 13MP that also boasts Sony BSI and LED Flash, that front one will give you a 5MP quality of picture. The Battery unfortunately is down from 2,600mAh to 2,000mAh, all of those are packed in an aluminum frame which like the first Agua, will provide a premium look and feel when held. If this is the case, I won't call the Vortex as a direct sequel to the Iceberg but a different Agua offering.

Specs and physical form factor are not the only thing a manufacturer should showcase when unveiling new smartphone. Software features and functionality too. And I think this is where the Vortex gets higher than the Iceberg. First let us start with "Blow Air" or "Shake to Unlock", as what the names tell you know what it already does. Clever Motion is also going to be a part of the Vortex, this will allow users to play music, unlock phone via hand gestures or take photos without touching the screen, just like the Air Shuffle of O+ Phones. When you receive calls, simply put the smartphone next to your ear and it will automatically answer the call. The same thing for making a call, dial the number or pull up the name from the caller ID and just place the phone next to ear, the call will auto initiate by this Clever Motion feature. Pop-up Browser is for browsing the internet on the phone using a pop-up window while another app is being used at the same time. Video pause is another great feature to offer in this one, if you are familiar with Samsung' SmartPause functionality, this works the same way. You play video and when you look away from the clip it will auto-pause. TARA (Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application) is also activated on the Vortex. TARA lets the user disable the handset when it gets lost or stolen. It's a Pure Pinoy App by the way. See other pics down below for other specs it offers.

One thing is still not really confirmed to the tech bloggers and possible owners, it's availability date in the market. But according to a post by +Mark Milan Macanas of, it is already available nationwide. If you plan to buy the Vortex, kindly prepare Php12,388 for a one time big time payment. Just like the Iceberg, installment of payment is also an option for this one. Pay it for around P2,000 monthly for 6 months or roughly Php500 on a two-year term. And oh, one last thing. The MyPhone Vortex won't have the Philippine map on its metallic brush finish back panel.

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