Nokia is still developing Android smartphones?

Even though it has been confirmed that Microsoft was buying Nokia's mobile business, the rumors are still not dying about the Nokia's plan to release an Android-powered Lumia devices in the future. And that the Finnish company does not have a plan of shutting down the said project until or if the buyout is approved by Nokia shareholders. Read on for more details.

TechnoBuffalo said that according to CTech website, Foxconn has already created and delivered around 10,000 units of the "Mountain View" prototypes, the device's codename. The report added that the Android-based Lumia phone is not a flagship level smartphone as it is only powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 220 8225Q processor. Currently the said device is already in advanced development stage which is also at the same time being worked on by Beijing-based Nokia R&D team.

Image from TechnoBuffalo

There would be a general meeting to be held this coming November where all the Nokia shareholders will either deny or approve the Microsoft acquisition. As per reports around the web, if the deal is not closed, which is very less likely to happen, Nokia might pursue releasing their very first Android-running Lumia smartphones after the current partnership with Microsoft (for Windows Phone 8 OS) in 2014 expires. If approved, then this "Mountain View" project might halt. There was a post on MyNokiaBlog which says at the end of the blog entry "Note: the site (CTech) claimed that the device is being made by the Nokia R&D labs, which as far as I gather are going to remain under Nokia’s ownership after the buyout (under the “advanced technologies” name) so that adds an interesting angle to the continued Android research."

Many says that Microsoft is also trying to create its own line of Windows Phone smartphones and this could be one of the main reasons why they are now buying the handset division of Nokia. And another possible reason was since Nokia was reportedly testing Google's mobile OS on their Lumia phones, it could be the Finnish company's "Plan B" after the contract with Windows Phone 8 OS that Nokia may fully switch to Android ecosystem afterwards which means that Windows Phone 8 platform will badly hurt in the future. Nokia's Lumia phones handles 80% of the WP sales worldwide analysts said. So it's like Microsoft buying Nokia out of desperation.

Honestly, I would really love to see and own an Android-powered Lumia phone. And I am pretty sure I am not the only in this. Nokia would be much more successful on their smartphone offerings if they just decided to use Android over Windows Phone 8.

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