Smart Outs Postpaid Plan for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It was first announced by Globe about accepting pre-order for the new phablet device from Samsung then followed by Smart a day or two after that they also has stated taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 3. When these announcements by the two telco giants were published, there were no postpaid plans posted with.  Yesterday, it was Smart Communications' turn to first unveil their official post paid pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

The Note is available both in Smart All-in Plan and Unli Postpiad Plan. Consumers can get the phablet free on All-in Plan 2500 or Unli Postpaid Plan 2000. Under All-in Plan, Note 3 is available for as low as Plan 500 with a Php28,000 one-time cash out fee and for Unli Postpaid Plan for as low as Php999 a month. with a Php24,000 or Php1,000/mo for the device fee. See the full list below.


Now that Smart has released their pricing for this Note 3, I am now expecting that Globe will have theirs published too very soon.

Galaxy Gear and Note 3. A screenshot from the demo video released by Samsung.

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