MyPhone's Anti-theft TARA App, How to Register and Activate

Are you of one of the owners of MyPhone's new Android smartphone offerings such as the Agua Vortex, Agua Iceberg, Agua Rain 3G or A888 Duo? If yes, then you might have heard this new anti-theft app called TARA (Theft apprehension and Asset Recovery Application) an all-Pinoy app developed by whistle-blower and IT expert Jun Lozada. MyPhone released a video that tells us what this app does, how to register and how to activate it.   

With the annoyingly rise of the cellphone theft incidents not only in the Philippines but also around the world, feature or app like TARA is extremely helpful and is a must not just only to avoid mobile phones from being used by another person when stolen but also to lessen the incident of phone theft related crimes in the future. 

According to MyPhone, when TARA is activated the smartphone will continue to shout a loud and annoying "Magnanakaw, Magnanakaw", Pinoy na Pinoy di ba? So whoever steals, snatches or simply has the handset will get attentions from the crowd because of this alarm. Not only that, once it is activated the phone will be virtually inoperable as it will fully lock the phone's system. Aside from the "Magnanakaaw" alarm and lock-the-phone features, TARA also offers "Data wipeout" feature. Deleting data or activating the TARA app on the stolen phone can be done by calling the dedicated TARA hot lines. 

847-82-72 (landline),  0917-873-5107 (Globe) and  0925-800-8272 (Sun).  0919 912 8272 (Smart)

There are two ways to activate TARA in the handset, first is by texting LOCK+6 Digit PIN (ex. LOCK123456) to the stolen phone, (this PIN will be set up upon registering your TARA account), or by calling one of the numbers above.

See the video below on how to register.

According to a post by, this TARA app in pre-embedded at the chipset level of the MyPhone smartphones (above), now since this is the case it may not be uninstalled despite rooting, re-flash, reformat, hard reset and software update. Even if someone tries to change the SIM card, the alarm will still continue to work everytime the phone is turned on.

Now in case the smartphone finds its way back to its rightful owner, the user or owner can simply text LOCK+6 digit PIN again to the cellphone or again by calling the hot lines.

MyPhone also posted a mini-documentary on its YouTube page about mobile theft cases. See it below.



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