BBM for Android and iOS Now Ready for Download, Sort Of

This Blackberry Messenger was supposed to be released last month but due to the leakage of early version of the BBM app, the Canadian company decided to postpone its worldwide release until today, well sort of. Though Blackberry said BBM is now out for download, not everyone can get the chat app running on their Android and iOS devices right away as the company is implementing a first-come, first-served system to avoid server outage that may possibly happen due to volume of expected user to download and use it at the same time. Read on for more details.

That means if you  were one of those users who signed up in advance for the BBM, you will be able to use it immediately after download or installation and then for late comers they will need to sign up upon download of the app to secure a spot. According to most tech blogs, the BBM for Google-software-powered and iPhone devices should be available for download from Google Play, Apple App Store and select Samsung App Store by this time. 

Upon download you will be prompted by a screen asking for your email address to see if you are one of the early registered users and can use the Blackberry Messenger App right away, if not then you will see a screen that would say Blackberry is reserving a spot for you and would send you an email once it's your turn to fully download and use BBM. However, people over at published an article saying the waiting scheme can be bypassed by doing a simple trick. So if you are one of the eager users you may head over to that page and see if you can still do the bypass as the website says that Blackberry may fix the workaround at anytime.

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