Samsung Galaxy Round Gets its First Commercial

It was in early October when Samsung first took the wraps off its first curved-screen smartphone called the Galaxy Round. Then on the 24th of October, the Korean company released its first Galaxy Round commercial and posted  on YouTube. The ad is in Korean, that is because the Korean people will (for now) have the first ones to get their hands on the said android device. See the video after the jump. Plus an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy Round.

As of posting, there is no word yet if the Round will ever make its way to the global market. Maybe it will, maybe not. So for now, we are to see those Koreans enjoying the curved smartphone while we wait. Like what others said, the Samsung Galaxy Round is almost the same as the Galaxy Note 3 which just got an international release and still on its way making profit records. If this Android smartphone gets launched outside of Korea, will you get one or would rather go for the Note 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Below is the unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy Round. See it for yourself guys! : )

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