Apple Unveils iPad Mini With Retina Display

Apple has officially announced its second generation iPad Mini and treated it with the in-demand Retina Display feature. I know many Apple fans will be happy to hear about it as almost all of them wanted to have an iPad Mini but one thing that is keeping them from buying, its lack of Retina Display which has been around in the regular-sized iPad tablets prior to the existence of the first Mini. Did Apple listen to the consumers about putting the Retina in the new iPad Mini or it was really the plan that the first iOS Mini would not get that high resolution screen but the second one? Whatever the answer is does not matter anymore, what matters is that it is already here. The iPad Mini with Retina Display, that's 2048x1536 pixel resolution. 

This iPad Mini still bears the same physical design and size as its direct predecessor. Aside from that super clear 7.9-inch display of this new Mini, it is going to sport the 64-bit Apple A7 chip that is also being found in the new iPad Air and iPhone 5S devices. The 2013 iPad Mini will be available in November, yes that's right there is no definite date as to when but Tim Cook assured the public that all devices will be available in time for the holiday season. Silver/White color combo or Black-Space Gray color combination this iPad Mini will come in. Pricing starts at $399 for Wi-fi version. There is also a 128GB version of the device which will cost  (at least the people in the US) $699 for Wi-Fi and $829 for cellular version.

Along with the 64-bit A7 processor, there is also an M7 motion co-processor inside the device. As you may recall these chips are also in the iPhone 5S. And that's the normal way of how Apple does to its iDevices where a processor or feature will debut first in iPhones then rolls out in the next-gen other iDevices. Touch ID? No, not in the iPad Mini yet. Maybe next year. let's see. The back camera is upgraded as well to 5MP featuring backside illumination sensor and 1080p video capture capability. 

Apple also introduces new colorful iPad Mini smart covers for $30 each, that is for a regular smart cover but if you want a full wrap around smart case one, you'll need $80.

Will you or will you not buy this new iPad Mini with Retina display? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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