Meet the Thinnest and Lightest iPad Air

The Cupertino-based tech company Apple has unveiled its newest full-sized iPad offering for this year and it's called the iPad Air, the thinnest and lightest iPad tablet ever created. That is a trim down from 1.4lb to 1lb in weight and from 9.4mm down to 7.5mm in thickness. Apple also said that the iPad Air is not only the slimmest iOS tablet there is but also the fastest one since the original iPad.

That is because Apple also puts its most powerful processor in this iPad Air, the 64-bit A7 processor partnered with the newest chipset called M7 Motion Co-processor. With that Apple is promising twice the power of its CPU and GPU performance over the iPad 4's. These are the same little machines found in iPhone 5S and the newly announced iPad Mini with Retina Display, and oh, this newest iPad just like the others also sports Retina Display. As per Apple's announcement, the iPad Air will be available in space gray and silver color selections and its storage size starts from 16GB to as massive as 128GB both in Wi-fi-only and Wi-fi + Cellular versions. See the pricing below.

Wi-fi Only Wifi + Cellular

16GB = $499 16GB = $629
32GB = $599 32GB = $729
64GB = $699 64GB = $829
128GB = $799 128GB = $929

So that's basically additional $100 per tier. Unlike the iPad Mini 2 that does not have any other definite date as to when the device would be available than the "Later in November" (as per Apple website), the iPad Air will hit stores starting November 1.

The 9.7-inch iPad Air's form factor is the same as its smaller brother the iPad Mini the one with Retina. Same look on the back and the bezel is noticeably cleaner that the older iPads. The previous leaked video of iPad 4, 5 and Mini back covers was found to be true when it emerged online last month.With that design update in the bigger iPad plus the Retina Display feature that this and the iPad Mini 2 share, I can now say that the new iPad Mini is indeed the smaller version of the regular-sized iPad. And I like it better than the previous iPads currently in the wild. The iPad Air can last up to 10 hours of usage on a single charge, thanks to its energy sufficient A7 processor and that's according to Apple. For more info about the iPad Air, you may visit its page on Apple website here

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