MyPhone Iceberg Mini, Cyclone and Storm Spotted On a Myphone Catalog

Guys these Android smartphones are not officially announced yet but are already seen being offered along with other official phones by MyPhone. The MyPhone Iceberg Mini, MyPhone Cyclone and MyPhone Storm were spotted by TechConnectPh on an Automatic Centre Catalog (see image above).

Below are the technical specifications of the said smartphones based on the catalog. You may notice that many of the specs are missing such as the type of processors being used on the phones, their official prices. For Storm, RAM is not mentioned. So most probably all of the needed information will be announced before Christmas shopping season.

MyPhone Iceberg mini Specs:
- Android Jellybean 4.2
- 5-inch Full HD IPS with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
- 1.5GHz Quad-core
- 13MP BSI rear / 5MP Front

For the MyPhone Iceberg Mini, it seems like it is much more high-end that its big brother, for example the display of the Iceberg Mini even though it only sports 5-inch compared with the bigger one's 5.7-inch display, when it comes to resolution it looks like the Mini has a clearer display than the first one. The Iceberg has 1280x720p resolution while the Mini says "Full HD IPS" display which I am thinking is going to be a 1280x1080 pixel resolution. Iceberg Mini sports 2GB RAM, the Iceberg only has 1GB of RAM. Cameras a bit higher than the original Iceberg smartphone from 12MP to 13MP with BSI technology. Even the processor is clocked at a higher rate. We still have to hear about its battery capacity and the built-in storage space.

It's kind of a different Mini version we are seeing here when the smaller one's specs are higher that of the original version, which is not the case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini where the Mini has also the "mini-fied" version of specs.

MyPhone Cyclone Specs:
- Android Jellybean 4.2
- 5-inch qHD IPS
- 1.3GHz Quad-core
- 8MP AF Camera / 2MP Front

MyPhone Storm Specs:
- Android Jellybean 4.2
- 4-inch Capacitive Screen
- 1.3GHz Dual-core
- 3.2MP rear / VGA Front

We know that the Iceberg was a success when it was launched due to its offerings when it comes to tech specs and software features, not to mention the Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application or TARA that comes with it right out of the box. TARA app, according to a post of TechConnectPH, is activated and compatible with these smartphones. To know more about the TARA app, you may visit this post of mine here to see how to register and activate the Pinoy-made app.


  1. i guess the term mini applies only to the screen size and not on the other specs which are better than the big brother.

  2. Correct. Sa screen size lang sya applied. When I first saw it, I was really expecting that most of the specs would be trimmed down as well. Pero hindi. Mukhang mas okay na bet to kumpara sa big Iceberg bro. : )

  3. Ok na ok ito,, full hd at 2giga ang ram,panalo sa multitasking at multiple downloading.kahit mini zha,mas bongga kesa iceberg.di tulad ng samsung mini na trimmed down version at naging pangit n,as in!!!!!teka otg capable ba ito bossing?

  4. Nice i think this is much better than big brother. Good specs para sakin. I hope the battery will also improved to become better and long lasting....

  5. Hindi pa official ng MyPhone pero may mga ilang blogger na nagsasabi na nakita na raw nila sa mga MyPhone store.

  6. Hi Didier, the MyPhone Iceberg Mini is now official. You may read my post here...

  7. Hi, what about the ram of storm ./?
    Nalilito nako, ito ba or Cherry mobile life

    1. Sir, pa update din ako sa ibang specs, about sa chipset na ginamit, thank you po :))