Ex-Nokia Employees Launch The First Jolla Smartphone

These former Nokia executives just formally launched the their very first Jolla handset featuring a very new mobile operating system which they called Sailfish. This Jolla phone's OS is based on Nokia's abandoned mobile operating system called Meego. Meego, to my understanding, was supposed to be the official OS of Nokia for its smartphones and tablets but got discarded out of the picture in favor of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.

The Jolla smartphone is 9.9mm thick and weights 141g. Sporting a 4.5-inch qHD display with a 540x960 pixel resolution. Seeing that part of the specs, you would already know that it is not a flagship level-device of today's trending but that is understandable since it is the very first of its kind and since the company behind this is just a startup and does not have much of resources compared to the big names in the industry such as Apple and Samsung. Judging the look of the handset both software and hardware offerings, I think the Jolla is worth a try and aside from that, if this starter will gain popularity and a significant market share I am pretty sure that they will release more high-end versions of Jolla that can definitely compete with current flagship devices.

Other parts of the machine is the 1.4GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM and a 16GB internal storage upfront. The storage can be expanded via microSD card. As for the cameras, users will get an 8MP back camera with LED flash and a 2MP secondary lens. Connectivity capabilities of the Jolla are WiFi, GPS, A-GPS, Bluetooth, 4G or NFC. Two brilliant moves these people made on creating the Jolla is that it can run Android apps, so having a limited number of app selections is not going to be an issue for switching to this new smartphone unlike Blackberry users and at some point, Windows Phone 8 devices. Second is, the phone can download Android apps beyond Google Play. As long as it is a compatible Android app then a Jolla user is good to go download it from anywhere in the web.

However, at launch on Wednesday only 450 units were available and most of those are destined for people who pre-ordered the device. But Co-founder Marc Dillon said that they are in the process of ramping up manufacturing.

It's necessary to take note that Jolla does not have navigational keys therefore everything here is gesture based. There is also no physical button in front of the device, so for example if the phone is on sleep mode, simply tap the screen twice to wake the phone up. The back panel of the device called "the other half" is interchangeable and comes in different colors.      

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