LG G Flex Shows Off Its "Self-heal" Power

Last month LG unveiled its curved screen smartphone called G Flex sporting a 6-inch vertically bent screen with 720p resolution. The G Flex announcement followed Samsung's Galaxy Round which was also unveiled in early October.  

Unlike Samsung Galaxy Round, G Flex is a real new generation smartphone that is more than just a bent screen device. The video below released by LG shows off how the what they call "self-healing" technology works on the back of the Flex. This is the first time I heard and witness this kind of technology being featured in a gadget or anything that is man-made product. The only other thing or identity I know who posses this kind characteristics is Wolverine. Every body knows that. But he's not real, or course. 

LG claims though that this kind of technology only works on light scratches that our smartphones gather on a day to day life and usage. Plus the length of time the back surface goes back to it original smoothness depends on the amount and severity of the scratches it is to get rid of. 

Not only that, as the Android smartphone name suggests, the LG G Flex also sports flexible P-OLED screen which means, the phone itself is bendable and can take pressure when faced down or faced to a surface without breaking the display. That durability is also being showcased in the video below.

So what can you say after seeing the entire demonstration? Are convinced of the true power of the LG G Flex's curved and bendable screen and that healing factor? One other thing most tech enthusiasts wanted to know is the real technology or trick behind the self-heal feature which up until now is now being disclosed by LG so no one one won't know until maybe the G Flex is globally released. My question now is, what about the front panel or the screen? Although it is not marketed as having the same covering on the back, I hope it is strong enough not to gain any annoying scratches. But why not cover the whole smartphone of the said self-healing magic.

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