Cherry Mobile Unveils Fusion Breeze, Fusion Storm and Superion Explorer Tablets

Cherry Mobile Superion Explorer
When Starmobile announced their new smartphone and tablet offerings for the upcoming holiday shopping season just this week, there were 3 new Android tablets added to the already-crowded line of most-affordable Android tablets in the Philippines. Today, three more slates are coming to join the club, but this time these three are from Cherry Mobile, one of the leading local brand sellers of smartphones and tablets in the country. Cherry Mobile introduced Superion Explorer, Fusion Storm and Fusion Breeze which prices are Php4,499, Php3,699 and Php1,999 respectively.

As you can see these are very affordable tablets from Cherry Mobile for as low as Php1,999 you will already get an Android tablet. That less than Php2k price will get you 1.2GHz single-core processor paired with a 512MB of RAM and it's a 7-inch tablet by the way. Inside it is a 4GB free storage which you can add up to 32GB via microSD card and an Android Jellybean OS. It supports WiFi b/g/n, no rear facing camera but there is one on front pegged at 1.3MP and then there is Accelerometer and G-sensor. Even though the specs are not that high but considering the price tag of this little, I think it is very reasonable for its offerings. If you are just a simple player of simple apps and just do browsing the internet and simple off the net tasks then this Cherry Mobile Fusion Breeze is more than enough to keep. One last thing I noticed though, there is no information about it battery life. I hope it is not that too low.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Breeze
Cherry Mobile Fusion Breeze

The second one is called Cherry Mobile Fusion Storm which costs Php3,699. Sadly this one only have 512MB RAM but the processor is clocked at 1.2GHz dual-core chip, there is also Android Jellybean inside it plus the 8GB internal storage space which is double of what Fusion Breeze has. The screen display is also bigger than the first one as it sports 7.85-inch multi-touch screen. Good new is this Fusion Storm is not only good for selfie photos as it has rear camera with 5 megapixels calibration. WiFi b/g/n is is of course present. No 3G connectivity as well just like the other tablet. Take note that this one has a 3,000mAh battery right out of the box.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Storm

Last but not definitely the least is the Cherry Mobile Superion Explorer. Now this one here offer much more robust specs that those first two above. And of course the new Superion tablet will cost us Php4,499 but still under Php5k price range and this one has additional good news than the Fusion breeze and Fusion Storm as it supports SIM card for cellular connectivity, unlike the other two which as WiFi dependents when it comes to connecting to the Internet. 1GHz Snapdragon 8225 dual-core processor is under the hood, RAM and internal storage? Not published yet. Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi b/g/n supported. Runs Google Android Jellybean mobile operating system. Battery is the same as Fusion Storm at 3,000mAh. Again, Php4,499. 

If budget is not an option for these three Cherry Mobile tablets, I would go with the Superion as it is in full motion as a normal device which can connect not only through WiFi but also via cellular data. I most of the time out of home and WiFi is most of the time not available to me. Texting and calling purposes also supports by the Superion Explorer.


  1. Fusion Storm ko na crack ang screen at d na gumagana ang touch.. magkano ba repair nito?

  2. Fusion Storm ko na crack ang screen at d na gumagana ang touch.. magkano ba repair nito?