Mighty Thor Hammer, A 10,400mAh USB Battery Pack

 For smartphone and tablet hardcore users, short battery life is an issue and sometimes frustrating especially if they are in the peak of using a gadget or if they are out in the field when the battery just goes off, hence power banks or battery packs are a common alternative to them to have extra battery life just in case they need to or a power outlet is not an option.

These types of users who also happen to be superhero, marvel or Thor fans are most likely happy to hear that Thor's trusty hammer named Mjolnir, gets a smaller version yet still provides massive and powerful battery life. Infothink released a battey pack that is designed after Mighty Thor's hammer and packs a 10,400mAh battery life. This USB battery charger comes with full size and micro USB ports that output at 2.1A power. Though it bears a whopping 10,400mAh battery juice, it only measures 5.1" x 3.1" x 2" weighing up to one pound depending on size as it also comes in 2,600mAh and 5,200mAh options.

That 10,400mAh version will take you up to 10 hours to fully charge. Mjolnir battery charger also sports LED lights and has speakers that lights up and produces sound effects everytime it is swung. This is currently available in China for a price tag of $125

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