New "300: Rise of an Empire" Official Trailer 2

Warner Bros has released a second official trailer for its upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire movie, a sequel to the much successful Frank Miller-graphic-novel-based "300" that debuted almost a decade ago. That was a very long wait and for a fan like me, it seemed like forever. But that does not matter anymore as we already know that by March we will see the next film, this time with Spartans and Athenians fighting the Persian army side by side. 

Just like what the trailer is trying to show, the battles will happen largely in the sea. Another thing I know so far is that the events in the Rise of an Empire takes placed before, during and after the events in the prequel 300. If you were not aware of, this movie was supposed to be released in August of this year but for some reason I don't know, it was moved to March of 2014. Rise of an Empire is lead roled by Themosticles played by Sullivan Stapleton but he is hardly seen in the two trailers and barely speaks. I am just excited! : )

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