Chuck Norris' More Epic Split Than Jean-Claude Van Damme

We can't hide the fact that Jean-Claude Van Damme's epic split with Volvo trucks was one of the most famous and most shared ads this year leading to some parodies such as Channing Tatum's and even our very own Bogart The Explorer has one. But the reign of this year's epic splits is not done yet as there is another one that popped up online, this time it's from the tough guy Chuck Norris and his epic Christmas split that was posted on YouTube by a user Valentin Bajkov.

Although it is not the real Chuck Norris and just a CGI created by Delov Digital to wish us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, it would still one of those epic of splits. In case you have not seen Van Damme's split, I posted it below for the reference.

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