Facebook Rolls Out "Dislike" Button... to the Messenger

Facebook has finally granted one of its users requests and that is to roll out a "dislike" button, however the more-than-one-billion-membered social network site is limiting this thumbs down icon to desktop and mobile versions of the Facebook messenger app. By default, it is not available to the messenger as users will need do download a set of new stickers which includes the dislike button from the Sticker Store.

So how to download the dislike button or the set of stickers from the Facebook Sticker Store?  This is how I did it.

1. I opened a chat session and then clicked on the gear or settings icon which is located at the bottom right and selected the "cart" icon (top right) in the pop up window.

2. Next is the "Sticker Store" opened (See below), I scrolled down until I saw the "likes" finger icons and selected the "free" button to download it.

3. I Opened a new chat session and I was instantly  able to see my newly downloaded  "like" icons and then I started enjoying disliking messages with and from my friends! xD

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