See the Comedy Action Film Trailer "Kung Fury", It's So 80s

There was a viral video that was going around my social media feeds, I checked it out and it's hilarious to watch, you will definitely enjoy it more especially if you are an 80s kid. Kung Fury is a comedy action film created by David Sanberg which features popular icons in the 80s such the arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods and a cop called Kung Fury.

Seeing the trailer below is already entertaining, the visual effects and some actions that have been showcased really made me want to see more of the film and see how the entire story goes. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

This Kung Fury is David Sanberg's dream movie and it won't be a finished film without your help, to get more information about the film and why it needs help, kindly visit its Kickstarter page.Basically Sandberg is asking "backers" through Kickstarter to help him raise at least $200,000 to complete the Kung Fury short action film. As of posting, this project has earned more than the target amount which means that a lot people really want to have this short movie done. Now, if the funding reaches $1 million, Sandberg's team will re-write the whole story and create a full feature film. Do you like that? I do! 

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