Nokia Android Phone "Normandy" New Image Leaks

It seems that the rumor about an Android-powered Nokia smartphone is not finished yet even though the acquisition deal between Microsoft and Nokia has received approval. That is because there is a new image of the alleged Nokia Android ''Normandy'' has leaked online by a notorious tipster @evleaks on its Twitter account.

This time the Nokia Normandy shows up in multiple colors such as black, cyan, red, yellow, mint green and white which reminds us of Nokia Asia devices and even some other Nokia-built smartphones, sometimes the Power Rangers : ).

Some reports say that this Android phone from Nokia might be released sometime in 2014, but some are saying that it will never see the sunlight ever as the purchase of Nokia's device business sections by Microsoft is near to completion. To those Nokia fans who really wanted to see an Android-powered Nokia smartphone, do not worry yet as there was a report from AllThingsD that the acquisition will not affect Nokia's plan of releasing this kind of phone, whether that is true or not we will not know until Nokia or Microsoft itself tells the truth when the deal is finalized.

But come to think of it, why Nokia or @evleaks (which has proven most of its leaks to be true in the past) would leak some new image and look of a device that is already dead? This tells us that the project is still on going and moving. We'll know in 2014. 

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