Have You Heard and Seen the Tacloban REO Bothers Band Perform?

Today, this band called REO Brothers is one of the most shared topics on my Facebook news feed where the band was performing at an even held by the Kapamilya network with thousands of audience. The title of the video was "Tacloban REO Brothers - A Must Watch". So from the title itself, you would already know that this young band is from the recently super typhoon-hit Tacloban, so I did not think twice to hit the play butoon and see what these bloomfields-band-attired young singers to offer.

The video clip is 12 minute long one and I can say that right after watching it, that 12 minutes of time is not enough and replayed the clip multiple times. These guys from Tacloban is really talented individuals, not just with voice but with choose of songs. They sing to the tunes of the beatles, beach boys,America and others and they just sing it effortlessly. if I was one of the audiences I would also shout and ask for more of their renderings.

According to the story of the REO Brothers consists of Ralph (guitar), Reymart (rhythm guitar), RJ (Lead guitar) and Reno (Drummer) are a residents of Tacloban, they left Tacloban with memories nobody would want to think again after Yolanda devasted most of the province, they had no money and just begged a bus to give them ride to manila and one of their relatives would pay the fare once they got there. And then the rest was history. I hope and pray that this band would make it to the main stream and gather more success here and abroad. they talent is a real talent and many would definitely appreciate it just like what we see in the video embedded n this post.


  1. When I first saw their video on fb I was just ignoring it, I thought its just an ordinary band! But when I heard them on abs christmas special... I said..wow! They are talented! That 12 minutes that is so worth of watching it! I could listen to them all day! Seriously!

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  3. Oo astig talaga yan sila, lalo na pag nabasa mo yung story nila nakapost sa Choose Philippines website. Galing. Two thumbs up! : )