The Amazing Spider-man 2 Trailer is Here

It was announced about a week ago by Sony Pictures that the first official trailer for the new Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer would be released today, I waited. And yes it was released Thursday in the US. See it below and let me know what you think of the second Andrew Garfield-starred Spider-man movie.

Deadline reports that Sony released this trailer in more than 12 different languages globally which includes Russian and three different Chinese dialects. Plus it was also simultaneously released on every platform of Sony. I wonder how it would sound like if there was a Filipino version made for it. Based on what I see in the trailer, it looks better than the first one however those CGI scenes are very obvious. Sometimes when a movie is heavy in CGI effects and are very noticeable, that lessens my "wow" on a movie. But I would still see this one when it comes out next year, we cannot really tell how the movie works and performs without seeing the whole pictures as I have proven so many times that it is not the looks of the film that matters most. There are scripts, story, twists and of course the acting prowess of each cast member. See this in May 2014.

Total Film posted a video or the trailer with commentary from Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. See it below.

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