How To Verify Paypal Account Using Smartmoney Card (With Screenshots)

I just recently created a new Paypal account and had to verify it right away because I was lucky enough to make money online and the payment was of course received via Paypal Good thing I still have my Smartmoney account card so I was able to verify my Paypal account without a hassle. I thought, this would be a nice post to share it to everybody on how I did it as I know a lot of Pinoys are earning money online and most of the time payments are received through Papal.

So in this post I would share how I did it. As long as you follow the instructions here, I tell you this would be easy for you too. I will assume that right at this very point you already have your Smartmoney account set up and ready to deal with Paypal system. By what I mean ready is, you already have your Smartmoney card with you activated and loaded with atleast Php140, already linked to your Smart SIM or Smart account and your Smart Sim card is also loaded.

Why are your Smartmoney and Smart SIM have to be loaded? It is because upon verifying your Paypal account with Smartmoney, Paypal will charge your Smartmoney account to make sure that it is an active Smartmoney card which can be charged and can receive payments. Paypal will charge Php100 to your Smartmoney account, I would suggest to top up or load your Smartmoney with at least Php110 to make sure that you won't be short. Second is, Smartmoney card by default is locked from using for online transactions. To unlock it, you would need to go to the Smartmoney settings in your phone and there will be a Php2.50 charge to unlock it. That Php100 charge will be credited back to your Paypal account in a few days after the verification process is completed.

So here are the steps:

1. Log in you your Paypal account. Once you are logged in, your landing page is your account overview (see screenshot below) which you may already familiar with. Click on "Get verified".

Click to enlarge
2. Supply the needed credit card (in this case Smartmoney) information.  Below would be the next page. Simply provide all the Smartmoney card details such as your name and billing address (as it appears on your Smartmoney account), type of card (Mastercard) and the security code which is located on the back of the card. The security code is the last three digits you see there. For example if you see "6128 125", then the 125 is the code you need. Now before you click "continue", make sure that your Smartmoney account has been unlocked for online transactions which you will do on your phone. See step 3.

3. Unlock your Smartmoney account for online transactions. Again, at this point I am thinking you already have your Smartmoney card activated, loaded with funds and linked to your phone which is also loaded. Simply follow the menu below, take note that the arrangement of the menu may vary depending on the type of handset you have. Mine says...

SIM menu >> Smartmoney >> Card management >> Transaction lock >> unlock >> Internet.

After you click on the "Internet" it will ask you the name of the card you want to make transaction. Simply select that card. Provide your PIN and wait for a text message confirmation that the Smartmoney card is ready for internet transactions. The last time I checked, this feature will only last for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes the Smartmoney will automatically be locked again from online usages. So see to it that you do it within that timeframe.

Now that you have received your confirmation message from Smart. You can now go ahead and click that "continue" button on Paypal. It will load and process the transaction, then a message will display, if it's successful you will know.  

You are not done yet. See step 4.

4. Provide the four digit code from Smartmoney to your Paypal account. Remember I said that Paypal will charge your Smartmoney for Php100? You will also receive a text message confirmation from Smart about that transaction and that text message will contain the four digit code for that transaction. Get that 4-digit code because you will need to go back to your Paypal account and provide that code to complete the verification process. Paypal will say that the code may take up to several days to generate, that is for credit card accounts, I think. But for Smartmoney it is done the same day. 

Once you provided it to your Paypal account, you're done. 

If you have additional questions or suggestions, simply post it on the comments section below and we will talk about it. : )

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  1. is this true the paypal code will be given on the same day?

    1. Based on my own experience using Smartmoney, yes it is.