Temple Run 2 Arrives on Windows Phone Devices

The waiting was almost forever but the good thing is it has ended as the popular endless runner game Temple Run 2 has finally made its way to the Windows Phone 8 devices. That was almost ten months since the first version of Temple Run was released to the Windows Phone 8 world. Users can now download this game from the Windows Phone Store so long that the their Windows device has at least 1GB of RAM.

Temple Run 2 offers the same mechanics as the previous game when it comes to playing it, the traditional yet unique style of swiping left and right, up and down and tilting right and left are still the same in running and navigating through the maze, overcoming obstacles and getting power ups. However, the looks of the entire game was redesigned which is far better than the first Temple Run. There are also some new tracks featured in the game such as the zip line and mine tunnel and others.

The Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone is free to download. This is a new addition to the roster of new popular apps available on Windows Phone Store, it just followed Vine a video sharing app created by the people behind Twitter and Instagram is also now runs on Windows devices.

Source: Windows Blog

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