If Apple Could Just Create This Awesome iWatch Concept

During the CES 2014, aside from massive Ultra HD TVs that were the stars of the annual tech event, wearables were also emerging and in fact many consumers and technology analysts are expecting big companies to sport their own smartwatches in the coming years or months. We know that Samsung has promised that their second Galaxy Gear device will be released along with either the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 this year and also promised to make it better than the first one.

Apple is also one of the electronics giants that many want to sport their own wrist worn technology. I even thought that this iOS device maker was going to announce an iWatch when the iPhone 5S was unveiled last year, but no one saw it. There was even rumors later last year that it has delayed the developments on its iWatch device. Maybe Apple was not satisfied yet with what they have currently come up with this iDevice and wanted to spend more time to work on it, or maybe they do not want people to be disappointed when it gets released like what happened to Samsung Galaxy Gear where many consumers and tech people were not happy about it, but like what I mentioned above, Samsung wants to make it up on the Galaxy Gear 2.

Now that we are still to hear further developments on these new wearables in the coming months, fan made concepts are currently popping up online left and right. One of the most popular nowadays is the iWacth concept (image above) by interface designer Todd Hamilton that was just posted on his website at toddham.com on Tuesday. The design is very clever and sleek and  I would really like to see this one day being displayed to electronics shops around. Check out the short animated version of the concept below that was also created by Hamilton and posted on Vimeo.

What do you think of this iWacth concept? Is it brilliantly created and does it deserve to be a real thing?

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