Cherry Mobile Titan Pro Phablet with Stylus Has Been Confirmed

Cherry Mobile, one of the big and leading local-branded smartphone and tablet companies in the Philippines is I think the very first one to release and offer a smartphone/tablet with stylus pen or Gesture Pen or G-Pen as what they call it. CM just confirmed the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro via its Facebook page. Several days ago, the company teases its Facebook followers with an image that shows a stylus pen which is similar to Galaxy Note devices' with words that say "Doodle, Scribble, Sketch, E-mail or Text Like a PRO (see below).

And then two days after that, Cherry Mobile changed their cover photo to the image above (first one) which confirmed the name of the teased device, the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro and some of its specs like the 5-inch HD display, a quad-core processor, a 12MP camera and of course the G-pen.

Aside from those basic specs that have been released, Cherry Mobile has not provided any additional details yet. However, according to YugaTech, the company is set to release the Titan Pro on February 4, 2014. With that date not too far away from today, we can expect Cherry Mobile to provide us more information about this soon-to-be-released device in the following days. This could be the chance of those gadget lovers to experience a Galaxy Note like device at a very affordable price. Hopefully this is one of the very great devices that will ever come out this year from CM and I am pretty sure that if this will be a hit to the Pinoy consumers, other local brand companies like Starmobile and a MyPhone will also most-likely release their own smartpen-powered devices.Hope the price is great too. : )

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