Facebook Unveils iOS News App, Paper

Facebook just announced a new and first iOS app out of the Facebook Creative Labs, they call it the Paper. This app is currently available for iOS devices and also exclusive to the US consumers starting February 3 this year. With this Paper, the largest social network site wants you to use it as your news source or aggregator as it will provide you an option to follow which type of news you want, be it politics, entertainment, technology or whatever it is available from the selection.

Watch the video below to see more of the real Paper app from Facebook so you can witness how pretty the interface is and how things work. To me this is one of the apps that we should have in our smartphones, the only sad thing is that this will only be released in the US and not even everyone in that country will get it unless they have an iOS device. Maybe this is just an early roll out and the rest of the world will follow and then after all iOS users around the world get it then I am speculating that is the time an Android version will be released. I hope I am not correct.  

So what do you think? Is this for the win? If you are familiar with the Facebook Home, just like that one this app promises a full-screen, distraction-free layout experience. Not only that, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that more stand alone apps will come out this year from this Creative Labs. 

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