Final Fantasy VI for Android Arrives on Google Play

It was last year when Square Enix announced that the Final Fantasy VI will make its way to the mobile devices such as Android and iOS gadgets. And true to their promise, the said RPG game is now live on Google Play to download. It's one of those rare moments that Android devices get the first release before iOS ones. But of course we can expect to see it pops up on iTunes any time soon.

Kids of the 90s who played this game originally in Playstation consoles will be very happy to hear that this one can now be played on their Android devices. This FFVI mobile version will cost $15.99 to download. That maybe pricey for an Android mobile game, but we are talking about a classic RPG game here which has been around since 1994, playing the game again will just not just bring the same familiar characters, places, enemies and powers from the game but also the experience they had when this one was just home-based game. In the meantime, in case iOS users are not aware of, they can download Final Fantasy V for iOS which was released in March last year for the same price.

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