Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Rumored Specs

If this rumor is found to be true, then this is the very first time we are going to see a Galaxy Note phablet which has been categorized as a high-end flagship level device that will have a super trimmed down version. They call it Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite with an expected model number SM-N750. And it is coming in the first quarter of 2014.

As per unconfirmed reports that are found in the internet, this lite version of Galaxy Note 3 is going be a non-LTE device and is to sport a 720p display, that is a far cry from 1080p display that we can find in the current Note 3 monster phablet. Although Android 4.4 Kitkat has been released, Android 4.3 Jellybean will still be its operating system. Other reports suggest that the Note 3 Lite will jump down from Super AMOLED to LCD display but the screen size will be untouched at 5.7-inch, I now wonder how it's going to look like if announced. Rear camera is to be a 8MP one, that's 13MP from the original Note 3.

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This is not going to be the first time we are to see a mini or lite version of a famous Galaxy device. Galaxy S line has been released in a number of "lowered-down" versions. Lite is just another naming for Mini and for now it is exclusive to the Galaxy Note 3. Whether you are excited or not about this rumor, of course I suggest do not fully believe until it is official. Reports and claims say Samsung is eyeing to unveil this "Lite" device in the middle of March. What can you say about this rumor? Is Samsung messing up the Galaxy Note family or they are doing the right move so the people who wants to have a new Galaxy Note phablet but don't have the budget can have one? 

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