Arnold Schwarzenegger Becomes Gold's Gym Undercover Employee [video]

There is a YouTube video that recently became viral on social media sites where the international action star Arnold Schwarzenegger became an undercover employee at the Gold's Gym. This is part of his campaign to promote health and fitness. Arnold put on some facial features such as moustache and long dark hair so people at the gym would not recognize him while he roams around the gym as Howard Kleiner assisting and giving tips to the customers. Check the video below and see if he was able to do his "job".

Do you think Mr. Schwarzenegger is the best actor in this clip? Or he is very easy to recognize as the Terminator we know even he disguises? I did enjoy this video clip and how "Howard Klein" handles the business and his customers. Did you even catch "This is Gold's Gym, not a baby gym" he shouted at one of the customers? I want to see more of it.  This stunt, by the way, was created to promote the charity After-School All-Stars. He did a good job! And his humor, something that I often or never see in his films.  

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