Google Street View Comes to the Philippines

Yes that is right my fellow kababayan, Google Street View team has come to the Philippines to capture the whole country's landscape for its "street view" mapping service, Google announced on a blog post. This project is in partnership with the Department of Tourism so people from around the world will be able virtually to walk the streets of Manila and the rest of the Philippine archipelago without leaving their place.

In fact the team has started capturing street view imagery of some of the famous places in Manila and published it online for many to see. You may now go ahead and check these 360-degre street view photos out of San Agustin Church, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza San Ruiz Complex and Fort Santiago.

More photos to come... The blog also stated that the Philippines' 7,107 islands have a lot to offer to the world and also at the same time a challenge for them to fully cover it and deliver its beauty to the world. With this kind of view of the Philippines being available online will definitely help potential tourists, local and international to have an online first look of the places they will be visiting, of course location guides for those who are connected online and most of all, a boost in the tourism industry.

Source: Google Blog

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