Lenovo Vibe Z is Lenovo's First LTE 5.5" Smartphone

You may not know Lenovo for having their own smartphones but very recently they just unveiled a newest Android powered smartphone to be added to the company's roster, the Lenovo Vibe Z. This is Lenovo's first smartphone to sport LTE technology compatibility which would make your internet browsing speed to up to 42mbps download speed. Who does not like that?

Aside from the Vibe Z's LTE-enabled support, the device will sport a phablet size 5.5-inch display bearing a 1080p Full HD IPS Display that also features Lenovo's 20/20 vision technology. We can really see that Lenovo is throwing a punch in this early 2014 offering as this Vibe Z is featuring specs that are found in flagship level devices. Let's take a further look. By the way, that slim profile you see is measured 7.9mm encased in a silver or titanium chassis and only weights 147grams. 

Inside this machine is a powerful 2.2GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor paired with a 2GB of RAM. The pixel density found in this gadget is equivalent to 400ppi which is pretty high for a smartphone. For storage, users get up to 16GB built-in memory space for thousands of photos and songs and other files. Unfortunately though, this does not support microSD card for additional space. On each side of this Android 4.3 Jellybean handset will be a 13MP camera with 1.8 aperture and a 5MP frontal lens which boasts an 84-degree wide angle capture for wider selfie photos be it a single-person selfie or a group selfie. 

The numbers are pretty impressive but everything comes down to the actual performance of the device. Many tech bloggers will be in the 2014 CES next week and Lenovo will be a part of it so expect to see more hands-on impressions on this Vibe Z and what other things this one is going to offer once in the wild. And speaking of availability, the Philippines is one of the lucky markets to get first release including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Price tag? $549.

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