See Tom Hiddleston (Loki) in Captain America Suit in This Deleted Scene

No doubt that Thor: The Dark World was a another superhero hit movie from Marvel Studios and to those who have seen it, many has fallen in love with Tom Hiddleston's character "Loki" as he did very great in portraying Thor's adoptive brother. I did like it too. And if you are going to ask about my favorite scenes in the last Thor movie, I would definitely say it's where Thor just took Loki out of his prison chamber to work with him and fight their enemy together. In this scene Loki and Thor were walking the hallway and Loki was shape shifting from one character to another while talking to his Asgardian brother. One of the surprises of that scene was Loki became Captain America while talking to Thor, this Captain America costume here was being put on by Chris Evans (a cameo). I thought that was just it. But I was wrong.

There is a new video or clip that just emerged online showing the same scene and actors in the same characters, but what is shown here is that Loki switched to a Captain America character without Chris Evans, but Tom Hiddleston himself in the suit. Check out the video I am talking about below and see it for yourself.

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