Nokia Lumia Black Update Now Available

Finnish company Nokia has finally rolling out the Lumia Black update across the globe and across its Windows Phone 8 powered smartphones or the Lumia handsets over the air. The update will bring a lot of updates, improvements and new functionalities to the WP8 software and one of those is the App Folder where users will now have an option to organize and group the apps in their phones just like what iPhones users are doing on their iOS apps.

Another major improvement that comes along with this Lumia Black is the updated Glance Screen 2.0 which works as a simple notification center or display while the smartphone is in sleep mode. The good thing about this particular feature is that users can personalize which notifications they wanted to display at the Glance Screen be it Facebook updates, New SMS messages, Email, Time, Phone or any other app alerts. There is also the Nokia Beamer. With this feature sharing files with other HTML 5-enabled devices is now alot easier. Aside from photos, users can now also share other files such documents, videos or presentations or anything by simply scanning the QR code on the screen. As long as your Nokia phones sport 1GB of RAM and up, you can enjoy this feature to its full potential.

Other features were also made available to the rest of the Lumia lines through this Lumia Black update. Another one is the Nokia Storyteller which was initially available on Nokia Lumia 1020 and 2520, it makes telling to the story behind photos simpler than ever in an chronological line up. Nokia Camera now combines the Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera to also simplify capturing photos. There are a lot more new improvements and updates available. To give you an overview of those updates, kindly watch the video below released by Nokia.

So how to get the Lumia Black update to your smartphone? It's important to take note that this roll out is initially available to Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Lumia 925 but the rest of the Lumias will follow in the coming weeks. Also, your phone will constantly check for the updates and once it detects that the Lumia Black is ready for your device, you will be notified. You can also check it manually by going to the "phone update" under "Settings" and check for updates.

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