Samsung to Launch Metal Body Galaxy Smartphone Along With the Galaxy S5

Rumor has it that Samsung is now in the production of  metal body smartphone dubbed Galaxy F. If there is one thing Samsung has to adopt now, I think there is no other than starting producing smartphones with metal chassis and I believe this is one of most anticipated features fans want to see in the upcoming Galaxy smartphones. According to reports around the web, Korean news site ETNews reported that Samsung has started mass production of its first non-plastic chassis smartphone in its plant in Vietnam where the prototype was built in Europe.

Rumors also say that Samsung will announce the Galaxy F almost the same time or shortly after the upcoming Galaxy S5 is announced this year. And this rumored Galaxy F is going to be a super premium smartphone and could be categorized above the Galaxy S5 or its Galaxy S line, just like Galaxy Notes to it. Other reports suggest that Samsung maybe in the works of producing curved displays for any of these much rumored Samsung devices. Of course since these are just unconfirmed news, we still not to take it seriously until more profound leaks are published or until the devices are fully announced by Samsung itself.

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