Nokia Android Image Leaks Now With UI Interface Showing

Back in December there were images of the supposed Nokia Android phone leaked online via Twitter user @evleaks suggesting that the Finnish company is currently working on an entry-level Nokia phone running Android operating system and is referred to by many as "Normandy". Today, another photo of the rumored Nokia Android phone has emerged online and again via the same famous tipster Twitter user @Evleaks and this time it is sporting the Normandy with a heavily customized Android OS interface.

Based on what we can see above, it does not really look like a common Android interface we see in most of the smartphones running Google's mobile operating system but yes it's still an Android OS and that supports the other rumor about the phone that Nokia may follow similar steps done by Amazon on its Android-powered devices which gives another look, feel, style and probably its own app store.

Looking at the leaked image above it suggests that the device will support dual-SIM functionality which now becomes a trending feature in some entry to mid range smartphones especially in the Philippines and if other information indicated in the alleged Normandy photo is a hint, it looks like there would be a major announcement to be held on March 25 this year. I even checked my 2014 calendar and the March 25 date falls on a Tuesday so we'll see. A post on Softpedia says that seeing Skype app in this image may somewhat confirms that Nokia has approached the company and probably other big app developers in the Android world. The post also added that the Normandy is not supposed to have access to the Google Play by default and not all applications there will be fully compatible with this smartphone. But the good news is that a major developer has confirmed that its application is about 80% compatible with the Android version of this Nokia device, Softpedia added.

Another website,, posted a new screenshot which it said was shared on Weibo in China showing the Antutu benchmark test. The screenshot says that this Nokia phone will bear a model "Nokia A110", 5MP camera, a 854x480 screen resolution, an Android 4.4 Kitkat OS and a processor powered by Qualcomm.
Looks like even though Microsoft is purchasing Nokia's device section, the Finnish company's plan to release an Android device is really not going to be affected as what a report said on AllThingsD last year. Whether the Normandy phone is or not going to see the daylight, I think up until now it is still a work in progress and with these new images that keep on popping up online it's just giving me the feeling that Nokia is really gonna release this phone sometime this year. And if that is true, I think so many people would love to see Nokia on their next phones. But we really cannot say until everything is confirmed.  

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