New Leaked Images of the Nokia Android Smartphone "Normandy"

These leaked photos of the much rumored Android smartphone by Nokia are keep on coming in from almost the same source or tipster. Today there are new images that were released by Twitter user @Evleaks showing the Normandy (the device code name) in different color variants plus a screenshot of ways to interact with the Nokia Android smartphone. As you can see above, the Normandy shows in Black, Cyan, Green, Red, White and Yellow color selections and then it also shows a glimpse how the interface would look like which is very similar to what we see in their Lumia devices. Again that UI interface proves that Nokia heavily tweaked the Android software before putting it inside this one.

The second image above is also from @Evleaks with a caption that says "Two ways to interact with Normandy". We can really immediately notice that the looks of the icons and arrangement is very different from a typical Android smartphone that we currently have in the market. If this second image is a real deal, then we are looking at an upcoming Android device from Nokia as the screengrab shows BBM and Plants vs Zombies 2 apps which are at the moment not available in Windows Phone OS but only in Android and iOS platforms.  So this must be and Android right?

There were other images that leaked earlier this month and the month before not to mention countless of rumors and speculations prior to those dates.  When it was first heard, many bloggers said that this was just a test-device only to see how the OS would work in a Nokia device and that Normandy project will never see the light of day since Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile division is almost complete. But things and perception have changed as new images were being spilled by a trusted Twitter account. I feel that more leaks are still in pending and waiting proper timing to be released again in the internet and I have a feeling that this is going to be a real Android smartphone from the Finnish company Nokia.

Source: Evleaks

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