Nokia Sends Invites Saying "Meet Us Under the Tree", Android Phone Expected

The Finnish company has started sending out invitation to the members of the media as they will be participating at the upcoming Mobile World Congress or MWC 2014 which is going to be held in Barcelona Spain next month. The invitation says "Meet Us Under The Tree", which to many signifies something that Nokia is going to reveal new products. Could this be the announcement of the much rumored Android-powered Nokia device code named Normandy?

There were several images of the rumored Nokia Android handset that were leaked in the past several weeks. Some of the leaks even show the almost complete version of the Normandy with its user interface being displayed. The invitation did not provide any other information or clearer hints of what the Nokia company is up to. But if I were to ask about what I can say on this invitation, I am thinking that this "meet us under the tree" could be a reference to its Android phone. Why? The Android platform is represented by a robot or an Android robot and that robot always appear in green color. That tree could be other term for green and since the color of the Android robot is green, it means that they something to be revealed that is related to a green in color, an Android maybe. I do not know, I maybe 100% wring but that is just my own speculation. But I would really be happy to see an Android device made by Nokia. The Verge even claims that according to their sources from Nokia, the company had planned to unveil the Normandy at the Mobile World Congress.So let's see then.
However, Pocket-Lint says aside from the rumor about the Normandy Android device announcement, Nokia is also expected to unveil three more Lumia smartphones such as the Lumia 1520V, Lumia 1820 and Lumia 1525. So what are the rumored specs for these new Lumia Windows Phone devices? Check it out below.

Nokia Lumia 1820:
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor
- 3GB of RAM
- 5.2-inch 2K display
- 3400mAh Battry
- 32GB internal storage

Nokia Lumia 1525
- 6" display
- 25 or 30 megapixel camera

Nokia 1520V
- A small version of the current Lumia 1520 phablet
- 4.3" Full HD Display
- 32GB Storage
- Quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor
- 14MP Rear camera
- 3000mAh Battery
- Wireless charging feature
- Windows Phone 8.1 OS

Those pretty impressive specs if found to be true at the MWC in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress, just like the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, is an annual tech event in Barcelona Spain where companies in the mobile industry come together to showcase their new devices, services and products. 

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