Polaroid Announces a 4K TV For Only $999.99

Are 4K or UHD TVs from Samsung, Sony or Toshiba too high for your budget? If that's the case then you are not alone and that's the reason (perhaps) why Polaroid just announced its "budget-friendly" 50-inch 4K TV for only a price tag of $999.99 and it is going to be on display at the upcoming CES kicking off next week.

Let us take note that the company behind this offering is Empire Electronics, the firm currently got and paid license to Polaroid brand. This UHD TV features three HDMI inputs and the company claims this tv to be "the highest quality picture resolution at the best price". Price is just one of the reasons why 4K TV is still not being enjoyed to its full potential by many consumers both who have and who don't have, lack of content is  the other factor why. 

More details will be announced once this Polaroid 4K TV hits the CES event in Las Vegas. There is also another TV to be displayed at the anual event and that will be priced at around $600 which is also a 50-inch TV with 1080p display resolation. 

Source: Polaroid

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