An Anti-Data Spy Smartphone is Here, The Blackphone

At I first I thought it was a Blackberry-iPhone mash-up device and was just a fan-made one or whatever, then I later on I made some readings and found out that this is a serious device that aims for people who care so much about their privacy in using the technologies of today such as digital communications, surfing the internet, exchanging email messages and many more. Thanks to Silent Circle and Geeksphone for collaborating and creating this what they call the Blackphone, an Android powered smartphone.

Basically what the Blackphone promises is that it will allow users to make and receive secure and encrypted phone calls and text messages, users can also share or keep files securely and last but not least browse the internet privately through an anonymous VPN. This will be made possible via skin interface called PrivatOS which will be built on top of the Android OS. Sounds promising right? This will also be an unlocked smartphone and will not have a problem wherever in the world a user is. It is completely a free smartphone. Since unlocked, that means users won't be forced to provide personal information to the carriers and will also keep it from other entities that try to spy on technology users.

For now those are the only information being released by the people behind this new breed of smartphone and the rest of the information about this device will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2014 which is to be held in Barcelona Spain next month. Pre-orders through will kick off at the end of February. So we'll find out more about this Blackphone at the MWC 2014 next month.

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