Iron Man Star Robert Downey Jr Sings With Sting

When Captain America asked Iron Man in the Avengers movie that was released in 2012, Steve Rogers asked "Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? and then Tony Stark answered "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." Tony Stark or Iron Man is played by actor Robert Downey Jr. and that was him in the movie but in real life I didn't know until today that he could sing.

The video above was shared by one of my friends on Facebook, I thought it was just one of those junk websites trying to get visitors using hard-to-ignore images and titles. I clicked on it and yes it was a real one. Robert Downey Jr sings with Sting and he nails it. I did a little research online to see when the video was taken and I found out that according to most websites I checked, it happened during Sting's 60th birthday which was in 2011. And those websites just uploaded and reported this viral video today or within the last 24 hours. I do not know why it just got noticed when the event took place about 3 years ago. But yeah it's awesome, right?

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