"Samsung Galaxy Glass" Is Reported to be Unveiled in September

Many people are very much aware that Google, the search engine giant, has the Google Glass that is currently being deployed to some 2000 testers and it is just a matter of time to make it official and be available for public purchase and use. But there is one "Glass" that many do not know (although expected by few) that Samsung is cooking up its own Galaxy Glass according to rumors.

A report from the Korea Times cited unnamed Samsung officials who are saying that the company is currently working on a smart wearable device similar to Google Glass and it is right at the moment being referred to as the Galaxy Glass. The report also claims, as what was told to them by their sources, that this Galaxy Glass will debut at IFA in Berlin this coming September which if I remember it right, the same event and time last year where the Galaxy Gear was unveiled.

Just like what the Galaxy Gear is capable of doing, this Galaxy Glass will reportedly be able to connect with smartphones and make/receive calls through it and also even listening to music. It really looks like Samsung wants to be a part of this promising market as well.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think it is going to gain fans as well just like other high-end smartphones and tablets by Samsung or will just share the fate as the Galaxy Gear? Well we really cannot tell until the device is officially announced and its features and capabilities. In the mean time lets just wait and see if this one will come to the real world. Until further reports.

Source: TheVerge , Korea Times

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