Rurouni Kenshin Live-action Movie Sequels Are Here

Yes you read it right, its "sequels". We are talking about two Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie sequels to come to our favorite movie theaters. The first one is titled "Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire" and followed by "Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend". And that image you see above? Yes that is Shishio Makoto and his group of elite swordsmen called the Juppongatana or "Ten Swords" which are going to be a part of the upcoming first sequel. The still was posted on Rurouni Kenshin website under Warner Bros.' domain in Japan.

To add fuels to the excitement of the fans (including myself), they released a teaser trailer which popped up on YouTube. The teaser shows Himura Kenshin's signature samurai moves killing other samurais and at the very end of the clip we see a glimpse of Shishio. Check it out mate!

According to the movie's website, as per AnimeNewsNetwork report, Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire will be released in Japan on August 1 and then followed by Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend on September 13 of this year.

I have seen the first Rurouni Kenshin film last year and it was just awesome as the original Anime series. What I like about the Japanese when it comes to adapting Anime series into a live action ones is that they are very true-to-the-original. They try to copy each character's look from the original series and bring it to life unlike American films that we have seen such as the X-Men movie series where costumes are too far away from what the see in the cartoon series, right? And I think, that adds to the success of this film. I just can't wait to see these new Samurai X movies.

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