Top 36 BPO Companies in the Philippines

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Have you ever been wondering what are the top BPO/Call center companies in the Philippines? Well here it is and it is released by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo. The ranking was based on 2012 earnings of each company.

1. Accenture Inc. (Php28.104 billion in revenues)
2. Convergys Philippines Services Corp. (Php17.281 billion)
3. JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A-Philippine Global Service Center (Php10.805 billion)
4. 24/7 Customer Philippines Inc. (Php7.711 billion)
5. Telephilippines Inc. (Php7.241 billion)
6. TeleTech Offshore Investments B.V. (Php6.978 billion)
7. Sutherland Global Services Philippines Inc. (Php6.805 billion)
8. Stream International Global Services Philippines Inc. (Php6.738 billion)
9. Sitel Philippines Corp. (Php6.364 billion)
10. Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd. (Php5.754 billion)
11. Sykes Asia Inc. (Php5.617 billion)
12. IBM Daksh Business Process Services Philippines Inc. (Php5.516 billion)
13. Aegis PeopleSupport Inc. (Php5.445 billion)
14. TeleTech Customer Care Management Philippines Inc. (Php5.402 billion)
15. IBM Business Services Inc. (Php5.211 billion)
16. Telus International Philippines Inc. (Php4.962 billion)
17. Shell Shared Services (Asia) B.V. (Php4.821 billion)
18. HSBC Electronic Data Processing (Philippines) Inc. (Php4.700 billion)
19. ePLDT Inc. (Php4.147 billion)
20. SPi CRM Inc. (Php3.501 billion)
21. ACS of the Philippines Inc. (Php3.492 billion)
22. VXI Global Holdings B.V. (Php3.266 billion)
23. Emerson Electric (Asia) Ltd. (Php3.230 billion)
24. StarTek International Ltd. (Php3.094 billion)
25. IBM Solutions Delivery Inc. (Php3.019 billion)
26. Sykes Marketing Services Inc. (Php2.760 billion)
27. SPi Technologies Inc. (Php2.626 billion)
28. Genpact Services LLC (Php2.552 billion)
29. Macquarie Offshore Services Pty. Ltd. (Php2.522 billion)
30. Thomson Reuters Corp. Pte. Ltd. (Php2.265 billion)
31. AIG Shared Services Corp. Philippines (Php2.357 billion)
32. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. (Php2.194 billion)
33. Lexmark Research and Development Corp. (Php1.956 billion)
34. ANZ Global Services and Operations (Manila) Inc. (Php1.869 billion)
35. Maersk Global Service Centers (Philippines) Ltd. (Php1.859 billion)
36. Manulife Data Services Inc. (Php1.745 billion)

Romulo also added "“Based on sectoral projections, we are confident that BPO firms will be able to add an average of 124,000 well-paying jobs annually from 2014 to 2016, or a total of 372,000 new posts over the next three years,”

This a good news not only in the industry but also for the young Filipinos who want to join the Business Processing Outsourcing or BPO industry especially those who are newly graduates. Also a good news for the people who are already in the business and continuing to grow in the positions they are in. I personally work in this kind of jobs for years now and I can say that it help a lot not just in financial aspect but also in so many ways. Working in an BPO company is like trouble to me, once you are there, it's not that easy to get out. And that's because of the type of environment of the industry, the people you work with and the compensation and incentives you get out of your performance and not to mention a number of team buildings in a month or year. It's More Fun in the BPO world, would you agree? 

Source: ABS-CBN


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