"Angry Birds Stella" is the Newest Game from Rovio

Forget Flappy Bird that was killed by the creator itself while in its peak of success and popularity and let's go back to the very first bird-themed game we first fell inlove with. Rovio, the Finnish company just announced another and new spin-off to the ever expanding world of Angry Birds. "Get ready to meet Stella and her friends" Rovio said when it unveiled the Andry Birds Stella through its website.

Rovio is introducing the Pink bird that has been part of the Angry Birds universe in a more personal and deep perspective. "Angry Birds Stella is breaking the mold by introducing strong, passionate characters who really stand for something, while  adding plenty of action and reality into the mix." Rovio added. There will also be new characters to be introduced in this another irate avian-themed game and these new birds may get their way to the first Angry Birds movie that will be released in July 2016.

When the Angry Birds Stella gets released this Fall in the US, it will also expand to other Rovio's merchandizes and themes such as games, animations, books, toys, and other fun stuff. However the Finnish company has kept some big details about what the players and fans are going to see in the new game. Are we still going to see pigs in this game or how is the game play going be? No one knows yet but them. For now Rovio invites us to keep an eye on #NewAngryBirds and http://stella.angrybirds.com/ for upcoming announcements and updates. Are you excited about this Angry Birds Stella game? Although Rovio has not mentioned as which platforms the game will be released, I am pretty sure that both iOS and Android users will have them. I hope that both versions will be released at the same time. No iOS first nor Android first scheme.

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