This Japanese iFan Starts Lining up For the iPhone 6

If you do have so much money, so much free time, so much adoration for Apple products and so little patience then this is also one of the things you might end up doing as early as today, start waiting in line for the next-gen iPhone device. Yes, you read that right a Japanese blogger and a huge fan of Apple iDevice was spotted already lining up at a local Apple store so he could be the first iFan to get his hands on the upcoming and heavily rumored iPhone 6.

I saw this news on a CNET post that was published on a couple days ago. This Japanese guys is known by the name of Yoppy and he is also a blogger according to the report. This man said he was frustrated about two iPhone releases ago when he was not included in the first few thousands to own the iPhone 5 and that's why he is just securing the first spot for the new Apple smartphone.

You may notice at the photos that Yoppy is not wearing a casual smartphone user attire while waiting in line but it is an iPhone device-inspired costume which the most of the piece is worn on his head. He is also with a sign that, as per report, is saying "The iPhone 6 line starts here". Many people are getting photos of him and pictures with him while he is at the front  store. Additionally, he was reported to be asking an Apple store employee about the update on the iPhone 6, and when he got no information. He decided to pack up and come back once it is official with the release date.

Images source: Yoppy's Twitter account

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