Pinoy Wedding With a Touch of Cosplaying

While I was browsing my news feed via a newsreader app I am using, I stumbled upon this cool wedding celebration. This is not another ordinary wedding similar to what I have seen before, why? Because the couple and their guests are not in a formal attire such as suit and gown but in costumes from well known Role Playing Games and movies. If you are a fan of cosplaying or any of the games and movies these characters are from, you will definitely appreciate this kind of idea.

I am familiar with most of the characters being cosplayed at this wedding that's why I appreciate and like this. This feature makes the wedding even more memorable not just for the couple but also for all the guests. What about you? What kind of wedding theme you have been dreaming of? You may share it through the comments section below.

I found this post on, if you want to see more photos from that wedding you may visit that blog site and see how cool the other photos are. I just hoped there was a video which I think would make the wedding even more cool and awesome, right? 

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