Flappy Bird-installed Phone's Price Reaches $90K Mark

If you have been playing the Flappy Bird you most likely have heard that the now popular and most talked about mobile game has just been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play by none other than its creator itself. Many speculations that popped up online as to why the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen terminated the app from the app stores. Some say it might be due to legal issues even though Nguyen has previously said it is not.

There was even a big news outlet in the US reported that the Nguyen may have received letter from Nintendo, the creator of Super Mario World, which many users are saying the graphic style is very similar to the game. But Dong Nguyen has stated that it was not about legal issues as to why he was terminating the Flappy Bird. Many online people were saying that it was just a publicity stunt to get more attentions both from the media and from the users. On Monday, the Flappy Bird game app was really pulled out from Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Hours after the Flappy Bird termination from the two major app portals was made official or even before that, there were already so many games that emerged online which are based on the creation of Nguyen as in so many. Not only that, a number of eBay listings are offering smartphones with Flappy Bird app installed in it were being sold. Some other posts are asking for as much as $90,000. However, Dong Nguyen said he will still continue to create games. For further readings, I would recommend reading a post from Mashable.com chronicling the rise and fall of the notorious Flappy Bird App.

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