Globe Nicely Explains Its Fair Usage Policy

Let's admit it, most users are not happy about Globe's enforcement of Fair Usage Policy on its mobile internet services whether they usually exceed the 3GB cap or not. Why? Because they paid for "Unlimited" plan as what the company's ads and data plans are saying, so data cap is just not making any sense. 

In the middle of subscribers' outrage, Globe released a simple chart or poster detailing its Fair Usage Policy or FUP how it exactly works and what users can do when or if their data usage has exceeded the daily and monthly cap. Check it out below.

So Globe Telecoms is saying that only around 3% of its subscribers are heavy data users and only exceed the daily and monthly cap and the rest of the base is just within the limit.

This issue about the data cap started last week when Globe has started implementing the policy and sending those users sms saying they have used more data than what they should have. There are other blogs and readers that say both Smart and Globe have these rules but it is only Globe that is really implementing this. Many Smart data users claiming they have never been hit with Smart's data cap of 1.5GB per month/day even though they are heavy users of the internet on their phones.   

My opinion:

If I were to ask, as a consumer I don't really like this capping policy as internet is one of my daily necessities just like shelter and food. Many would not agree about that but as a blogger, as a someone who works at night and most of the time out of the house, as someone who does not cable services at home because I am either out of the house or sleeping, mobile internet is the only source and outlet I have to update myself on what's going on around, what's the current viral videos on YouTube, update my friends and relatives on social media sites and to express myself when no one is near me to talk to.  

I understand that Globe is also concerned about other users experience in using their data services and they just want everybody to equally enjoy their mobile internet service. But it is the customers who know what they need and what make them satisfied on what they are paying for, unlimited and fast internet connection. 

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