Could These Be the Images of the Upcoming iPhone 6?

Every year especially by this time, tech bloggers are expecting rumors and leaks about the upcoming flagship devices of smartphone and tablet manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. As of today there are already a number of leaked images and information about Samsung's next marquee device the Galaxy S5 and of course Apple's iPhone 6. These may not be the actual names of the said devices when they are announced sometime this year but looking at how these companies name their devices, Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6 are more appropriate to use at this time.

Today Sonny Dickson, through his Twitter account, tweeted  images of the rumored next gen iOS smartphone or the iPhone 6. And these photos look legit to me, these could be the new design of iPhone 6 that we can expect for this year. Check out the images below and let us know what you think about it. Sonny Dickson is actually not the first to leak image about upcoming devices, he has done this before when the iPhone 5C and 5S were still in the rumor mill which made him more reliable source on the matter.

And it appears that Dickson is not the only one who has these photos of the alleged iPhone 6, another twitter user by the username of @mornray886 has posted additional photos of the device. This Twitter user seems to be new on the site as currently it just got 10 tweets. See below the embedded tweets from its account.

These are pretty stunning pieces of information about the iPhone 6 and the design looks more appealing than the previous iPhones if these are found to be true. As I look at these photos, it gives me an impression that the design of the device is heavily based on the iPad Mini. Or a mix between iPad Mini and iPod Touch but looks like a more minified version of iPad tablets plus features of an iPhone. Would you agree?

The whole size of the device also appears to be larger than the current iPhones in the market and look at the display, it's definitely bigger and wider display for a an iPhone ever with almost no bezel at all. There were also previous reports claiming that Apple is trying iPhones with larger displays such as 4.7 inches and as big as 5.7 inches. Could this be it?

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