First Time Island Hopping On Samal Island, Davao City

Me (center) and Two of my Officemates
I have been in Davao City since 2011 with the exception of 2012 and since then I had chances of visiting the famous Island in the region, Samal Island. If you are to ask people in Davao city as to which is the best tourist spot around, they would often tell you to try visiting Samal Island's famous resorts and beaches. So far, prior to this one, I have been to couple of resorts on that place such as Blue Jazz, Maxima and Camp Holiday Resort but this is my first time doing an Island Hopping trip in the area with my colleagues, thanks to the company I work for, for providing all the expenses in this treat for just doing a great job.

This beautiful island is not that big, according to Wikipedia, the island's official name is Island Garden City of Samal and it has a population of around 96 thousand based on NSO 2010 Census and with an estimated area size of 116.3 square miles. I really have no idea how big or small that is but is if definitely a place to visit here in the south.

To get there, travelers or tourists must ride a barge/ferry from Davao City along its Sasa wharf. In this trip we were at Sta. Ana port around 5 to 10-minute drive from Davao City itself. Now the travel from that port to any the island will depend on the location of the beach or resort you are to go to as those are located everywhere. The farthest, I think, is the Talikud Island where we took around a hour to get there and then when re returned we took the other route which is the longest one and we reached the Sta Ana port back after around two hours but the scenery is just awesome and magnificent, not to mention the beauty of the sea itself but also how every resort is set up. All of those were passed by the boat we where on.

In this whole trip we landed on four different beaches namely Talikud Island, Kaputian Beach Park, and Isla Reta Beach Resort. Each one with an average stay of 1 hour and 30 minutes. We were short of time as the call time was 7am but with the Filipino time in the scene everyone was completely present when the clock hit 10am. Pearl Farm was I think the other one we were not able to visit of the short time we had, the boat had to be back at the Sta. Port by 5mp or else there would be an additional pay.

The picture right above this was the last island we landed on. The water is the clearest one I have seen so far. From the boat we clearly see how beautiful the corals are right below us. Some of my team mates also did scuba diving in this area and according to them, the scenery underneath us was just awesome and made them to wanted to stay longer. The one we had a contract with in this island hopping trip also offers scuba diving for a price of Php700 which is good for 30 minutes.

Those were only some of the photos I managed to captured as I spent more time in enjoying the places. I hope to visit more tourist spots in the future here in the Philippines and I will try to get more photos  and get a better camera for my future blog posts about travel. : )


  1. wow, this is very nice, I really want to visit Davao this year. can't wait!

  2. Oh yeah, you should visit Davao especially this Samal Island :)

  3. Hi Robert, may I ask how much you rented the boat and if you have the contact number?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      If I remember it right, we had the 30-seater boat and the whole package was about 7-8K pesos, but not more than Php10K. The contact person we had was named Anthony, I PMed you his contact number via Google Plus. Hopefully it's still active. : )

  4. Hi Robert, will appreciate if you post the number of the contact person you had in Samal, please. Me and my girlfriend are scheduled to visit Davao this weekend and I can't still find any contacts that will tour us in Samal. Medyo mahirap ba maghanap since we are just two (2) persons making a tour? Thanks in advance.